Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sarah Morgan - The Sicilian's Virgin Bride

Judul : The Sicilian's Virgin Bride
Pengarang : Sarah Morgan
Kondisi : Ex pribadi, disampul, ga ada label/cap
Harga : 20000

Commanded back to her husband's bed...
Women did not walk away from Sicilian billionaire Rocco Castellani. All he'd wanted was a lovely, biddable wife. Instead Francesca had taken off before the first dance at their wedding breakfast. But Rocco has tracked down his runaway young bride, and now she's back by his side--where a good Sicilian wife should be. Rocco was cheated out of his wedding night--and now nothing's going to stop him from taking his virgin bride....

Kate Walker - At The Sheikh's Command

Judul : At The Sheikh's Command
Pengarang : Kate Walker
Kondisi : Ex pribadi, disampul, ga ada label/cap
Harga : 20000

Abbie Cavanaugh's brother is in jail. Abbie can obtain his freedom--but only if she marries the Sheikh of Barakhara. The explosive passion between Prince Malik and Abbie could turn a marriage of convenience into one of Eastern promise.
But neither Abbie nor Malik knows the other's real identity. Can their marriage survive once the truth is revealed?

Miranda Lee - Sold to The Sheikh

Judul : Sold to The Sheikh
Pengarang : Miranda Lee
Kondisi : Ex pribadi, disampul, ga ada label/cap
Harga : 20000

When supermodel Charmaine donates a dinner date with herself as a prize at a charity auction, she is amazed to discover the winner is Prince Ali of Dubar, the same arrogant sheikh whose advances she rejected a year ago. But now she has to be his dining partner - he's paid five million dollars for the privilege! However, Charmaine is shocked when, over that dinner, Prince Ali makes her an offer of five hundred million dollars to be paid to her favorite charity if she'll grace his bed !

Kate Walker - Rafael's Love Child

Judul : Rafael's Love Child
Pengarang : Kate Walker
Kondisi : Ex pribadi, disampul, ga ada label/cap
Harga : 20000

A single father?
When Serena Martin wakes up in hospital with amnesia, her only visitors are Rafael Cordoba and his adorable baby son, Tonio. Rafael tells her that the car she had her accident in belonged to him -- but that he doesn't know her. Nevertheless Rafael insists Serena stay with him while she recuperates. Already having strong feelings for the sexy Spaniard and his son, she accepts, even though she senses something is wrong. What is Rafael not telling her -- and where is his baby's mother?

Theresa Gladden - T.S. I Love You

Judul : T.S. I Love You
Pengarang : Theresa Gladden
Kondisi : Ex pribadi, disampul, ga ada label/cap
Harga : 20000

When T.S. Winslow encounters Logan Hunter, a man from her distant past who had helped her out when she ran away from home, she feels anew the bitter hurt brought on by his betrayal of her trust years before .

Janelle Denison - Bride Included

Judul : Bride Included
Pengarang : Janelle Denison
Kondisi : Ex pribadi, disampul, ga ada label/cap
Harga : 15000

The bride prize!
Eleven years ago Seth O'Connor had left Josie McAllister brokenhearted - and pregnant! Josie was convinced the good-looking cowboy had found it easier to believe the lies about her reputation than to accept the truth - that he was the father of her child!
But now Seth was back - and in his hands was a legal document that laid claim not only to McAllister's property, but to Josie, too! It seemed her father had gambled not just the family home but Josie's future, on one game of cards!Seth was determined to claim both, and Josie could either give up her home or marry a man she'd taught herself to hate....

Elizabeth Duke - Look Alike Fiancee

Judul : Look Alike Fiancee
Pengarang : Elizabeth Duke
Kondisi : Ex pribadi, disampul, ga ada label/cap
Harga : 15000

His choice of wife…
Taryn had no doubts that when Mike O'Malley looked at her, he was seeing another woman: the mysterious, beautiful Crystal—his former fiancĂ©e, who'd broken his heart. Everyone said Taryn was the spitting image of her….
Was that the reason Mike was taking such a personal interest in Taryn? He claimed he wasn't interested in marrying anyone—but there was no denying the powerful attraction between them. Could it be that, despite his claims, Mike had marriage on his mind—and, if so, would he ever look into Taryn's eyes and see only her?

Kim Lawrence - The Playboy's Mistress

Judul : The Playboy's Mistress
Pengarang : Kim Lawrence
Kondisi : Ex pribadi, disampul, ga ada label/cap
Harga : 15000

When Darcy was persuaded to host her family's Christmas gathering, she started making detailed lists and mentally prepared herself for a hectic couple of weeks. But her plans were disrupted by a surprise new neighbor -- a playboy tycoon, who seemed to know exactly what he wanted to give Darcy for Christmas!

As far as Reece Erskine was concerned, Christmas couldn't be over soon enough. But he was quite happy to give Darcy a few kisses -- and much, much more -- under the mistletoe. In fact, he insisted on it!

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Title : The Story of King Arthur and His Knights
Author : Howard Pyle
Price : 50000
Condition : Second, New alike

From the sword in the stone and the founding of Camelot to the famed Round Table and the Lake of Enchantment, the legend of King Arthur will never lose its magic. Though simpler, this version includes all the wonderful stories—such as King Arthur’s winning of Guenievere and Merlin’s tragic downfall at the hands of the evil Vivien.

S. A. Handford - Aesop's Fables

Title : Aesop's Fables
Author : S. A. Hand ford
Price : 65000
Condition : Second, New alike

This title contains over two hundred familiar tales from 'The Dog in the Manger' and 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' to much less familiar tales, each with its own sharply pointed moral.